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Winter Services

As well as grass cutting and sports pitch maintenance Grounds Maintenance Specialists Ltd can also offer a range of winter services that may be of interest to you:-

  • Rock Salt Sales and Delivery
  • Path and Car Park Gritting Service
  • Planned preventative or reactive service available
  • Snow clearing
  • Tree and shrub winter maintenance
  • Supply and delivery of logs

Be prepared for winter!

Rock Salt (carpet friendly)Rock Salt

We use white marine salt which fully complies with the BS3247 British Standard for de-icing salt, it performs well especially when spread through salt spreaders given its dry, free flowing qualities.

Proactive gritting

Salt should ideally be spread before roads become icy or snow starts to fall. This is known as proactive salting. After a sub-zero temperature has been forecast salt should be spread ideally in advance of the temperature falling and freezing conditions. Prevention of ice formation is far better than treating already formed ice/fallen snow.

How does the salt work?

The salt works by lowering the freezing point of moisture on the surface. Salt can stop ice forming and causing existing ice or snow to melt. However, salt does not work instantly, it needs to be ground down by pedestrian / vehicular traffic in order for it to be activated.

Let us take care of all your winter maintenance with our fully equipped vehicles. We can plough through snow and spread grit.

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